What The Frock!

A short film about life, death, betrayal... and the search for the perfect dress.

This is my first short film and first script. I have always had an affinity for zombie flicks. Zombies are the lowest of the low in the monster family. Maybe that's why I feel a common bond with them. Todd Tinkham, the producer/director, encouraged me from day one. He helped me cut and mold my script. He is an amazing filmmaker who has created a whole community around him. I feel honored to work with him. James Brooks, who plays Carter, also helped me shape the script and he gave me the best line in the film: "Here's the gal who puts the cunt back into country." Steve Milligan shot it and helped create some beautiful scenes.

The cast features Jeffrey Moore (yours truly) as Guy, the unlikely hero, who's untimely death causes him to reach for his dreams. Anoushka Brod plays Lynda, my hateful sister. We are members of The Transactors Improv Company, the south's oldest continually running improv company. Sylvia Caudell plays Madge, my mean mama. Both of these talented women are fun and sweet so it was nice to see them play against type.

Making this film was a lot of work but it was also a blast. The entire shoot felt like a party....a big beautiful drag queen zombie party!

A slideshow with audio is available here.

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You can contact Jeffrey by email: beatnikjeffrey@gmail.com