Relax and unwind with a fun word puzzle.....If only Etta could!

WORD was inspired by my best friend, James Brooks. His grandmother and her sister lived next door to each other and their lives were connected in many wonderful ways. They were the best of friends. They also shared a daily word puzzle. I took this sweet story and twisted it to create the start of WORD. I used real life sisters, Lisa and Mary Cates. They portray Etta and Diana. In their world, the word puzzle causes Etta's world to unravel. She becomes fixated on trying to better her sister. Food issues also play a huge part in this short. In no way do my characters reflect James' relatives. I took the characters of Etta and Diana from other women that I have met along the way. I think it's best not to let these women know how they inspired me.

WORD marks my directorial debut. It was a blast to direct this and I hope to do more in the near future. I produced WORD with Todd Tinkham. He also shot and edited and I am in awe of his talent. He was really easy to work with and very patient with a first time director. Lisa Cates plays the main role of Etta Marston. It was great to see Lisa who has a heart of gold playing such a uptight role. Mary Cates plays her sister, Diana. Their chemistry is amazing. Jeffrey Moore (yours truly) plays the puzzle creator, Charles Marston. He is a "nature-loving ex-fattie". Saul Zimet plays the paperboy who feels the wrath of Etta. As well as acting, Saul is a talented artist and comic book creator. I felt so lucky to have these actors.

WORD was a fantastic experience for me. Everyone was so helpful and the actors brought these characters to life. I hope you enjoy it!



You can contact Jeffrey by email: beatnikjeffrey@gmail.com